About Us


NSG HILL, LLC was formed in October, 2016 and is the American subsidiary of HRH HILL Ltd. HRH HILL Ltd. was formed in 2008 by Ian Hill. Its initial business model was the retailing of a selective range of products via the internet selling on Marketplaces around the World, for example Amazon.com, eBay.com, cdiscount.com, hood.de, Rueducommerce.com, etc, etc, as sales channels into the UK, French, Italian, German and USA markets. The business has rapidly grown into a multi-million pound/dollar business operating in Europe and North America. HRH HILL Ltd. launched into North America in October 2016 through its American subsidiary NSG HILL, LLC.

Product Range

NSG HILL, LLC specialises in selling large bulky items, its key product lines are: Chicken Coops, Dog Kennels (pet products) and Massage Tables (personal health). The business has been built on the company’s ability to enhance products through innovative designs (e.g. gun safe cabinet with a triple blade lock, insulated dog kennels with floor support rails, chicken coops with roofs that open for easy cleaning) which are all trademarked and have intellectual rights protection.

Supply Chain

We design, prototype and then have our product manufactured in China. All of our products are quality controlled and inspected by our agent who manages the supply chain. The agent ensures the products meet the required specification, quality standard. The manufactured products are shipped to the UK, Europe and North America in 40ft HQ containers to our 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Partner(s) in Las Vegas, New Jersey, Salt Lake City, and Knoxville Tennessee (our back office is outsourced) and customer orders fulfilled by our respective partner(s).