Ultimate Safe® 3 Gun Cabinet for Shotguns and Rifles

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    • POLICE APPROVED - Built to British Standard BS7558/92 for gun security.
    • MAXIMUM SECURITY - fitted with two unique Triple Blade Lock® designed and created by Ultimate Safe®. Anti-crowbar door system offers outstanding protection for your firearms - the cabinet door has been tested to withstand attempts to be broken into using crowbars or chisels.
    • STURDY CONSTRUCTION - Ultimate Safe® gun cabinets are made from premium steel which is 25% thicker steel than the British standard requirement (2.5 mm vs. 2 mm). Weight: 29 kg
    • FIREARM STORAGE - suitable for up to 3 shotguns or rifles. This gun cabinet is equipped with a memory foam gun divider and foam base to keep your guns from being scratched. Approximate dimensions of gun safe: Height 130 cm (4ft 3"), Width 24.5 cm (9.6"), Depth 20.5 cm (8.1").
    • FITS BEAUTIFULLY - finished in a durable semi-gloss black powder coat finish, this shotgun safe looks appropriate in just about any interior setting. Comes with 4 pre-drilled holes in the back and base for securing into wall or floor, fixing bolts included.

    Detailed Information

    Ultimate Safe® gun cabinets are the ultimate deterrent and offer the ultimate protection for your firearms.

    The most important part of any gun safe cabinet is the lock. That is why we have developed a unique Triple Blade Lock® mechanism to ensure that your guns are locked away securely. No gun safe in the world, with a Triple Blade Lock®, has ever been broken into. We have conducted extensive tests to make sure that our gun safes can cope with brute force, forced entry and withstand sustained assault.

    Triple Blade Lock® Gun Cabinets

    Open gun cabinet on white brick wall Open gun cabinet without ammo box on brick wall

    An anti-crowbar door system further reinforces the shotgun cabinet. A door design with folded corners means that crowbars and chisels are simply not effective for trying to break into the safe. The unique combination of using what is probably the best lock in the world, in the form of the Triple Blade Lock®, along with the anti-crow bar construction with folded corners has made this gun safe almost impossible to break into.

    Some call it the beast,  

         Some call it the legend,

               We simply call it the best

    This Ultimate Safe® 3 shotgun cabinet is built to British Standard BS7558/92 for gun security and is police approved. We've invested 10 years in the design and 5 years in the manufacturing of this sturdy and beautifully made product. Developing a unique lock that you will not find on any other product on the market was an absolute priority for us and we didn’t stop there, we went beyond what the British Standard requires in other aspects of the construction, as you will learn when you continue reading. Please see the video below showing the BS7558/92 testing your Ultimate Safe® steel gun safe cabinet has undergone.

    Nothing on the market today compares to the Ultimate Safe® Steel gun cabinet. You already read about our unique locking mechanisms and anti-crow bar construction, but we’ve gone beyond what the standard requires to produce a shotgun cabinet that you can truly rely on. Ultimate Safe® gun cabinets are made of the finest 2.5 mm steel - a full 25% thicker than what British Standard BS7558/92 requires and what most of the gun safes out there offer. Our gun safes are sturdier, weightier and ultimately safer than most.

    Another area where Ultimate Safe® excels is the look and feel of the cabinet. Our gun safes are finished in a durable high-quality semi-gloss black powder coat finish, which looks great in almost any interior setting. On the outside, you will find the Ultimate Safe® and Triple Blade Lock® logos in gold. Inside the gun cabinet, you will find a memory foam gun divider to protect your firearms from getting scratched. Further foam padding in contrasting red is installed at the base.

    3 rifle gun safe Ultimate Safe® Ultimate Safe® 3 gun cabinets

    Before purchasing any gun safe, you should think about where you will store your ammunition. This Ultimate Safe® 3 gun cabinet DOES NOT include a lockable internal ammunition security box. If you are interested in having a separate ammo box, please see this product.

    Your shotgun locker cabinet has 4 pre-drilled holes in the back and base for securing it into the wall or floor. Fixing bolts are included.

    3 gun foam holder Ultimate Safe® Keys for gun cabinet without ammo box

    fixing bolts Ultimate Safe® 3 shotgun cabinet

    The weight of your Ultimate Safe® 3 gun safe steel cabinet is 29 kg. The overall approximate dimensions of the gun safe cabinet are 130 cm (H), 24.5 cm (W) and 20.5 cm (D).

    Dimensions 3 gun no ammo box

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